Full Automatic PP Value Bags Making Machine

Full Automatic PP Value Bags Making Machine

Full Automatic PP Value Bags Making Machine. Scope of application: cement bags, putty powder bag etc.

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Full automatic PP value bags making machine

Scope of application: cement bags, putty powder bag etc.


1.Auto pneumatic roll loading

2.Counter can be prefabricated

3.With initiative belts after cutting, makes bags flat and smooth when coming out, especially thin bags, thick bags and long bags, VERY IMPORTANT!

4.Quick conveyer system between the procedure cutting and sewing to avoid the bags jam. VERY IMPORTANT!

5.It adopts advanced technology, synchronous cutting, value making and sewing. Different bags are easy to operate, convenient and high efficient

6.Position controller and color detector ensure cutting accuracy.

7.Easy to find defective material when it is passing by toughened glass in coordinate with incandescent lamp

8. Newlong sewing machine can be optional

9. The sewing machines with two slide rails, convenience for installation and maintenance

10. Special edgefold mould which has gotten patent, totally hand-made and made of stainless steel. Single or double folded edge, uniform edgefold, the length of thread ends can be adjustable.

11. Easy to adjust the width of hem, range:1.5cm-2cm or 1.7cm-3cm (base on GSM)

12. Solid rollers(bearings) can make bags pass smoothly into next process.

13. Photoelectric switch, C1 C2

14. Easy operation. The machine is electrically integrated and controlled by PLC computer board, parameters setting, displaying and recording via PLC monitor, it is fully automatic. It can be operated by one person and saves labor.




Program mode

(Two modes can be used separately)

Normal bags mode

Value bags mode

Raw material

PP woven fabric rolls

Bag width

400-650mm, adjustable

Bag length

300-1100mm, adjustable

Production capacity

20-40 pcs/min

Cutting precision

± 1.5mm

Max.size of cloth roller

width 700mm, diameter 1200mm, 700kg

Stitching distance


Fold type


Fold width



Only 1



Air Pressure

> 0.6(MPA)


380V  3-phase

Gross power


Control system

PLC, human-computer interface


Orange or customized

Machine weight


Overall dimensions(L*W*H)

5200*4700*1400 mm




1.Unwinding Unit

Unwinding frame
EPC deviation correct system
Automatic windlass unwinding 
Roll buffering system
Defective product identification system

2.Cutting Unit

Hot cutting
Bag mouth open device
Color detecting system
Initiative belts system
Air blower system

3.Auto value making unit

Value making system
Failure bags throwed out system

4.Auto stripping unit

Value edge cutting system
Auto stripping wasting material

5.SYNC Sewing Unit

Quick conveyer system
Sewing head
Sewing head easy rails
Thread breaking alarm device
Thread head length control system

6.Collecting Unit

Electronic Photocell Eye
Anti-static collecting rack
Automatic collecting bench

Auxiliarymachinery(Customers can take care of themselves)

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