How to choose a PP woven bags making machine from China

How to choose a PP woven bags making machine from China


How to choose a PP woven bags making machine from China

As the economy developing, second-hand market keeps growing, people like buying used thing, from a computer, TV to a huge machine for producing, it’s becoming more popular.

To produce PP woven bags, it has a long production line including many machines, such as Drying Mixer, Auto Feeder, Flat Yarn Extruder, Cam Winding Machine, Circular Loom Machine, Auto Cutting & Sewing & Printing Machine, Baling Machine, Waste Yarn Bobbin Cleaning Machine, Plastic Crusher and Recycling Granulator. etc.

Many friends choose a second-hand machine for using to reduce cost, it’s a good a choice for small companies or a newly-established company.

How to choose a good PP woven bags machine from China, here are four suggestions.

Firstly, ask for some photos and videos of machines and see if the machines can meet your requirements. Usually, it’s important to judge situations of machines by pictures and videos;

Secondly, ask for basic parameters of machines, such as, brand, manufactured year, the maximized size of finished bags, hot cutting or cold cutting, the weight and size of machines etc, it help you know more things of the machines;

Thirdly, if possible, let the seller do a live broadcast, a video call is necessary any time, you can see the machine how to work and know it’s work situation. Only pictures are not enough to judge a machine;

The lastly, if the seller can give you good after-service and supply support for installation of machines. It has long distance between China and your country, in most cases, the sellers can’t send people to your place to install machines, what they can supply is only video or a phone support. The most important is that for installation of machines, you know very well of the machines you are buying or you can find somebody to help you for maintenance.

Post time: Feb-24-2022