Two different mesh/leno bags production lines

Two different mesh/leno bags production lines

There are two different mesh/leno bags in market, they have different looks, the below,pls.

Mesh/Leno/ raschel bags by thermal cutting


To make the first kind of mesh/leno bags, circular loom and auto cutting and sewing machine are necessary, the below,pls.

mesh/leno bags

Color: the same batch of products should have no obvious difference.

Stain: no obvious pollution.

Bag edge: no obvious irregular convex concave.

String pocket: should be neat, no obvious dislocation interval.

Broken weft and warp: each mesh bag is allowed to have 2 pieces which are not adjacent, but they need to be firmly connected.

Off needle: not allowed.


Flat woven mesh bag, bag edge, bottom stitching, generally using flat needle method or chain method, burr fold for 2 fold, hem width is greater than or equal to 1.3cm. Flat needle method two basic parallel stitches, respectively from the inside and outside of the hem 1 / 3. Hem width, no skipping needle, floating line and not knocked back. Chain lock method suture, located in the middle of the hem, no skipping needle, floating line.

The bottom of the warp knitted mesh bag is woven at the same time when the bag is woven. The hot-melt knife is used to cut the selvage without edge scattering. The bottom of the bag is single woven or double woven, and the width of the bag edge is 2.3 ± 1cm.

Detection method: visual inspection under natural light, the width of folding (bag) edge is measured with a steel ruler accurate to 0.1cm.

Breaking force

Test conditions: the testing machine was adjusted at 23 ± 2 ℃ for more than 4 hours according to GB / t1040.

Test procedure: clamp the sample on the clamp of tensile machine (the sample of warp knitted mesh bag should be folded into 50 mm wide), the spacing between clamps is 200 mm, and the no-load speed of testing machine is 200 mm / min.

Record the maximum load of the sample in the tensile process, and take the arithmetic mean of the test results of five samples.


Meanwhile for the second kind of mesh/leno/ raschel bags, it needs mesh bag knitting machine and mesh bag cutting machine, the below,pls.


Post time: Nov-03-2020