What machines needed for a whole PP woven bags production line?

What machines needed for a whole PP woven bags production line?

For a whole PP woven bags production line, usually it needs 14 machines,

Drying Mixer, Auto Feeder, Flat Yarn Extruder, Cam Winding Machine, Circular Loom Machine, Computer Control 6 Color BOPP Printing Machine, One Extruding Two Die Lamination Machine, Automatic Gusseting Machine, Auto Cutting & Sewing Machine, Ultrasonic Sealing Machine, Baling Machine, Waste Yarn Bobbin Cleaning Machine, Plastic Crusher and Recycling Granulator.

They have different function in producing PP woven bags,

Drying Mixes, it is for4 drying and mixing materials of polypropylene & polyethylene for machines of extruder machine;

Auto Feeder, it can send dry material to barrel of extruder;

Flat Yarn Extruder,the machine, uses material of polypropylene & high density polyethylene, through heating, extruding and drawing, makes tape that is then winded for the weaving of the circular loom;

Cam Winding Machine, it’s a matched machine of PP flat yarn extruder to collect tapes come out from PP flat yarn extruder;

Circular Loom Machine, it’s a tube forming machine, weaving yarns into PP fabric;

Printing machine, it’s for printing PP fabric, many people call it roll to roll printing machine, there are two different kinds of printing machines, gravure printing machine and flexo printing machine. They take different technology to print PP rolls.

Lamination machine, it is suitable for rice bag, fertilizer bag, feed bag, chemical bag and other bags laminating. Uses paper, plastic, non-woven fabric and aluminum foil as basic material, PP or PE as raw material, by casting to laminate double-side,double layer or three or multi-layer laminating.

Gusseting Machine, it is a professional equipment for shifting and folding M-edge of the whole drum cloth;

Auto Cutting & Sewing Machine, it’s a bag forming machine, makes the PP rolls into single bags by cutting and sewing;

Ultrasonic Sealing Machine, it is used for sealing bags to make two or three layers(different materials) together by ultrasonic;

Baling Machine, it is also called as packing machine, pack small batches of bags into pieces and stack them into batches;

Waste Yarn Bobbin Cleaning Machine, it is used heating method, cutting the waste yarn on the bobbin automatically. It replaces the old cutting method, such as human using knife or electrical hot wire to cut the bobbin;

Plastic Crusher, this crushing machine is specially used for crushing nylon material and other ultra-thin materials, such as PP/PE,HDPE,LDPE,LLDPE films, plastic bags, foam, wove bags or Non-woven bags, jumbo bags and so on. After crushing the above used materials, they can get into next step for recycling.

Recycling Granulator, it is used for processing recycle cleaning woven bag, plastic film or other broken old plastic to make them into granules that will be used as raw material.

Post time: Nov-07-2020